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Image of White Horses - Photobook

White Horses - Photobook


Title: White Horses
Self Published, 2018, Dublin, Ireland.

Text: by Ian Bamford (Insert)
Edition: 200
Pages: 32
Size: 176 x 250 mm
Cover: Slip case


A personal response to the current atmosphere of uncertainty, White Horses is a meditation on an anxious society struggling to come to terms with the rapid changes that are reshaping our world. Increasingly, our society has become ever more disconnected from reality and fearful about what is to come. Roaming the in-between spaces of Dublin’s commuter-belt, using expired 35mm film, the dreamlike state evoked by these images reflects a world where all that is solid melts into air. Located between small towns and the city, White Horses portrays an apprehensive landscape, where the fading memories of a romanticised past intersect with an uncertain future.

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